The mothers, sisters, daughters, and widows who make up Jimani Collections come from many different backgrounds, but all have one goal: to make a better life for others and themselves. We are proud to educate, train, and have the following women make up the core of Jimani Collections:



As Jimani Collections’ Kenyan Manager, Eunice is a crucial part of the Jimani Collections team. She has a gift for managing multiple tasks at once and has a love for people that makes her a natural leader. Eunice has two children. Her youngest daughter lives at home while Euince's son lives with his aunt elsewhere in Nairobi. She and her family also support a young girl named Ruth that her mother found abandoned on a road. Regarding her time with Jimani Collections, Eunice says:

“From the day I was employed by Jimani Collections, my life has really changed. Before, my family was starving; sometimes we would go without food because my husband and I didn’t have a job. Because of Jimani Collections, we no longer lack food, my children have nice clothes to wear, I am able to pay the house rent, and, whenever my mother is in need, I am able to send to her money. There is a huge difference between the Eunice of today and that of when I started.”



Ester joined Jimani Collections after spending ten months in the J127 Foundation's product training program. Among the Jimani Collections ladies, Ester is known for her sweet spirit and love for people. She is quickly becoming a skilled product creator who notices even the smallest details. Her two children, Joseph and Chorcles, live with her in Nairobi.



Lydia is one of Jimani Collections’ newest ladies. We first met her through the J127 Foundation, Jimani Collections' partner organization. Lydia spent 10 months with the foundation and was enrolled in their product training course, helping her to learn the skills she now uses with Jimani Collections. Lydia has three children: Lucy, Benson, and Sophtonia. She supports her family through the salary she receives from Jimani Collections each month.

Mamma Morgan


Young and full of joy, very rarely is Mamma Morgan not laughing or smiling. She keeps everyone entertained with her off-the-wall comments and observations. Mother to two kids, Morgan and Peter, and one on the way, Mamma Morgan lives with her husband and family in a small one-room house. Although her husband is a carpenter, work is very difficult to find. On average, he works one week each month, and the rest of their income comes from the products she makes. For several years they had hoped to save money as a family to build a house upcountry closer to family, and they were finally able to build this new home with money saved from Mamma Morgan's Jimani Collections salary.



Well equipped with a sewing background, Nelly completed the most recent J127 Foundation sewing training program and passed the Kenya national sewing test. She is a mother to six children, three of whom are orphans. Nelly has a natural motherly touch that exudes warmth. Her attention to detail and quality of work make her a perfect fit in her role sewing and embroidery pieces for Jimani Collections.

Mama Maureen


Mama Maureen is the cook for Jimani Collections, and she is a loving mother to six young children. She is thankful for her employment through Jimani Collections which has given her the opportunity to provide for her family, particularly her children. Mama Maureen first learned to cook from her mother, who is the main inspiration for her work. Mama Maureen's passion for people and for cooking make for the perfect match.

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