Every piece made by Jimani Collections is handcrafted by women in Kenya. Through unique training programs, we're able to offer customized opportunities to learn product design and product creation for all of our women and artisans.

Below is a look into the work and consideration put into each piece:

General Training

Jimani Collections offers a small business-focused program called the Entrepreneurship Program, equipping women with the knowledge to run their own businesses. The women participating in this program learn product design and product development techniques while being equipped with business and general knowledge required to run their own businesses outside of Jimani Collections.

Customized design training

Design-Specific Training

After graduation from the Entrepreneurship Program, those who choose to join Jimani Collections go through additional design-specific training where they apply their general skills to products made under our brand.

Sourcing of Materials

In an effort to support the Kenyan economy, Jimani Collections sources the majority of its raw materials in Kenya. Most supplies are bought in the industrial areas or in downtown Nairobi, including seed beads, wooden beads, brass, and traditional African fabrics.

Sourcing of Materials

Artisans in the Community

Depending on the techniques and materials required, some of our products are designed and assembled by artisans in the community. These artisans help to weld, cut, and polish our pieces within their workshops.


For more information on our jewelry training program or process, please reach out to us at hello@jimanicollections.com