Volunteer and internship opportunities with Jimani Collections

Thank you for visiting Jimani Collections! We appreciate your interest in joining our team. Please see below for our current volunteer and internship offerings.


Our volunteer opportunities are currently available year-round in the areas of graphic design, marketing, business development, copywriting, and photography. Although we are based in Dallas, Texas and Chicago, Illinois, we encourage application interest from around the country as these positions are remote. Please reach out to hello@jimanicollections.com with your area of interest and availability.


We are currently offering internship opportunities based in Dallas and Chicago. These are unpaid opportunities available for college credit and are structured to provide students with the valuable skills and insights needed to develop the products and infrastructure for an ethical start-up. Please reach out to hello@jimanicollections.com with questions on eligibility, position of interest, and availability.

Product Design Intern
Build the Jimani Collections brand through innovative product design. Conduct trend research for upcoming seasons, collaborate with Jimani designer to conceptualize designs, create product diagrams for finalized designs and participate in material sourcing and sample analysis. Responsibilities include:
      • Trend Forecasting: Conduct wide-spread research on accessory design and color trends for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017. Condense findings into trend design boards for each season.
        • Design Conception: Work alongside the Jimani Collections' head designer to create product designs for Spring 2016 and Fall 2017. Merge trend forecasting research with available Kenyan materials and techniques to create compelling, innovative designs for our upcoming collections. Designs include future Jewelry collections and home good products.
        • Product Diagrams: Create product schematics for each finalized design to send to Kenyan artisan partners.
        • Material Sourcing: Work with Jimani Collections' head designer to pinpoint possible pain points in Kenyan material sourcing and research alternate online sources for materials necessary to complete finalized designs.
        • Sample Analysis: Offer ongoing input and analysis of initial product samples after completion by Kenyan artisans.

          Photography Intern
          Be a main source of brand establishment and recognition through frontlining the design and creation of images for Jimani Collections. Responsibilities will include:
          • Coordination and Creative Direction: Act as the lead and strategist for photoshoots and images for social media.
          • Image Production: Create high-quality images to be used online and in print. Attending local events and conferences will be required.
            Marketing Strategy and Business Development Intern
            Help build the Jimani Collections brand through marketing and brand development research. Identify opportunities for potential partnerships, upcoming events, and new product and innovation insights. Responsibilities include:
            • Social Media: Develop a weekly and monthly social media plan that will include ideas for promotions, events, relevant news stories within the industry, new product offerings, and behind-the-scenes information.
              • Graphic Design: Create compelling graphics for social media, the website, and newsletters and promotions. Help develop a style guide that will be used by the brand going forward.
              • Industry Research: Become an expert on upcoming events around the country and opportunities for potential brand development. These opportunities may include, but are not limited to, conferences, shows, contests, and relevant news articles and outlets.
              • Communication: Be the point of contact for new Jimani Collections initiatives by reaching out to potential partners and leaders in the industry.
              • Innovative Analysis: Discover and define new products and production methods for Jimani Collections.
              Graphic Design Intern
              Design the look and feel of Jimani Collections, from marketing materials to social media. A design sample is required and can be emailed to hello@jimanicollections.com. Photo editing software such as Photoshop or similar is also required. Responsibilities include:
              • Newsletters: Create a bi-weekly MailChimp newsletter that will be sent to our subscribers along with potential retailers and bloggers.
              • Website Design: Improve the look and feel of our website through improved image editing.
              • Catalogs and Other Materials: Create flyers sent to customers and update line sheets sent to potential retails.
              • Social Media Content: Create ideas in conjunction with the Director of Marketing for upcoming content and potential for design work.
              Sales Outreach Intern
              Help communicate Jimani Collections' products through direct outreach and sales strategies. Identify opportunities for potential partnerships, retail and wholesale outreach opportunities, and general sales opportunities. Responsibilities include:
              • Outreach: Consistent and professional outreach (cold calling, emailing, etc.) to a targeted list of retailers and potential wholesalers as well as to current retailers and wholesalers to maintain relationships.
              • Industry Research: Research new contacts, particularly buyers, that can be contacted to help promote our products.
              • Contact Point for Follow-Up: Coordinate follow-up and proactively respond to requests for product information (wholesale catalogs, bulk pricing, etc.).
              • Partnerships: Find strategic collaborations with other like-minded businesses, retailers, and wholesalers.